Friday, August 13, 2010

Asymmetrical Designs

When I started making beads, making jewelry was never in the plan.... I was very sure I would only make beads and other people could make the jewelry. I didn't wear a lot of jewelry, I still don't.  My ears aren't pierced, mostly because my body is completely against any thing entering it and throws a complete fit if something does.... it hates earrings or any sort of piercing... I've had my ears pierced and after years of struggling with my internal security system, I finally let them grow closed and closed they will stay.... Anyways, I didn't have any desire to make jewelry, just beads... just beads.... well and maybe some dragons. Stringing beads on a string didn't sound very exciting or artistic at all and I wanted to be able to express my artist nature, but as I have been drawn into this world I've realized that jewelry design is so much more that stringing beads and I so wanted to be a part of it!

Lately I have been more concerned in making jewelry with my beads then making more beads and I've been inspired by the fabulous jewelry artist out there to lean towards asymmetrical designs. These pieces have really renewed my love of this work and it gives the chance to think outside the box. I've used things together I've never thought of using before and it has been liberating!!!
I was experimenting with mica powers and leaves. It didn't turn out as I planned but with some fiddling and embellishments..... I made it asymmetrical to go along with the steampunk look.  

This pendant has been living in a box for months. I found it yesterday and it sang to me.
The colors and the handmade glass beads I found as a local bead just started putting themselves into this amazing asymmetrical piece that I just love.
Here's my pretty little bracelet. I love the colors and and the textures. This one is mine!
My husband is not exactly sure about this asymmetrical design kick I'm on but I'm loving it! What do you think?


  1. Fabulous! Your work is outstanding!

  2. Wow...I love the pendant! Isn't it amazing that you can put something away for months and even years and then suddenly you can't keep your hands off of it! That's art for you!

  3. Your work is quite stunning! I love the bluish pendant, the second photo. Is that a ready frame around it - very interesting pendant shape.

    Just saw my url on your list; there seems to be a mistake- it should just say handcrafted jewelry and art- there are some other words in there. Does it open when you click on it?

  4. Cherie, the bluish pendant is framed by one of my hammered copper creations. I shape them freehand so they are all unique. Also, your url seems to work. Your blog always comes up for me anyways.... if there is something wrong with it I'm going to blame it on the app! ;)

    Margo! It's so nice to see you and thank you for looking!