Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have gone on a little journey lately... I tried some steampunk... It's kind of liberating and ridiculous and I loved it.... things didn't really have to make sense and I could feel free to put flowers where ever I wanted which is good... I like flowers and anything I can make to represent a flower.... A couple months ago I bought a book by Christi Friesen call Steampunkery which served as fabulous inspiration as well as all the steampunk art that you can so readily view on Google! I also used several techniques from Cindy Lietz tutorials: I used spoons as bails for the flowers; she taught the heart shapes I used; and she is instrumental in introducing me to copper and its possiblities as findings and clasps.

The two large flowers are molded using silver spoons and I they lay nicely using a satin cord.... just enough weight but not heavey!

The blue-green flower is beautifully textured.... and the leaves are blends of soft metallic colors. Glass beads, copper and brass complement the whole composition all nestled on the bowl of a spoon with the handle bent and snipped into a discrete bail.                                           

The next flower I made using a variegated flower pedal I learned from Cindy Lietz. It's also nestled into a spoon.... this spoon someone already bent it into a pleasant leaf form before it came to my hands... how lucky was I?!?! I then colored it with alcohol inks....

And my hearts.... they were experimental and I'm afraid I must have lost one because I swear I made 4!!!

This one is my favorite... I call it Pocket Full of Poseys.... of course the song is creepy and full of death and destruction about The Black Plague, I couldn't think of a better name so now I have something beautiful to think about when I hear.... "ashes, ashes, we all fall down"
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  1. Beautiful! You are very talented!

  2. Very interesting jewelry. Love the hearts. and the variegated flower petal flower